Marine Construction Projects

community pier replacement construction richmond, va

community pier replacement

York River marine construction new pier & boathouse Richmond, VA

new pier and boathouse at York River

Shoreblock ® boat ramp, vinyl sheetpile bulkhead Richmond VA

ShoreBlock ® boat ramp, rip rap, vinyl sheetpile bulkhead

Bulkhead tiebacks Marine Construction Richmond, VA

Bulkhead driven tiebacks

reinforced soil wall along James River construction Richmond VA

reinforced soil wall along the James River

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Our other construction services and specialties include:

  • Marine construction and repairs (piers, docks, bulkheads)
  • Sagging / sloping floor framing repairs
  • Porch roof column repair or replacement
  • Masonry repairs
  • Dam and spillway repairs

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About River’s Edge Construction

We are a family-owned and operated construction company based out of Richmond, VA, specializing in foundation repair. Being a small company, our clients communicate directly with the owner without having to go through any multi-layered corporate managers and/or sales personel. We provide personalized, professional, safe, and courteous service to all of our clients.

Free inspections and cost estimates. Rivers Edge Construction Company is a licensed Class A contractor located in the Greater Richmond area offering our specialized construction services throughout the State of Virginia.